About Us

After the economic downturn in late 2000, many peoples’ health insurance had been indirectly affected, and as a result, several were left uninsured creating a medical void for local residents. Medical voids ultimately lead to community degradation as a result of sicker people, lower standards of living, lower community values, and in general a lower community image. In an effort to reduce and eliminate the impact of this medical void, local Johnson City, TN resident and East Tennessee State University Junior, Iftekhar Uddin, founded Access Health in 2012 with the purpose of providing access to basic preventative health care to the uninsured residents of Washington County, TN and the Tri-Cities community in Northeast Tennessee.
Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status
Access Health is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Tennessee. 100% of your financial and in-kind donations are used to provide medical care for our patients. We are operated completely by volunteers and none of our Board members are paid any compensation. IRS 501(c)(3) status application pending definite ruling (EIN #: 45-4418001).
The mission of Access Health is to provide free basic health care, with respect and dignity, to underserved and uninsured Washington County, TN and Tri-Cities community residents, with the help of qualified medical volunteers and staff.
We envision a society where all people have the right to accessible health care and the knowledge it takes to prevent illness. We envision a community that supports a holistic approach to health care that encompasses the social, environmental, and economics of health. 
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